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discover legal stands out as a leading provider of expertise in financial reporting and is one of the few providers in Germany that issues certified translations of annual financial statements for official or regulatory purposes.

Our translators are excellent linguists and they have an in-depth knowledge of financial terminology. We always keep up to date with the latest International Financial Reporting Standards. We know this business and are able to express complex issues in an accessible way. While translating the financial section of annual reports essentially depends on specialised knowledge and the ability to present the data coherently, the image section and the sustainability report require a more creative approach so that the company is presented in the best possible light. Our interdisciplinary team of financial and marketing translators know the jargon and will ensure that your report is accurate and fully compliant with the current standards, but they will also produce a beautifully written publication that is a joy to read.

When it comes to financial reporting, time is usually a scarce commodity. The market is waiting for the publication of your figures and company news. Because we know this business and by working closely with our clients, we always deliver excellent work within the given deadlines. Being involved in the coordination process from day one ensures that everyone has enough time for quality. We know that subsequent changes to the original text are normal and we make sure that we relieve you of time pressure by reacting quickly.

Accuracy and precise terminology are essential in financial translations. That’s why we every single sentence is proofread by a second translator. And we never skip this quality assurance process even when time is short. You can rely on this!

Our financial translation team has extensive experience in financial reporting, IFRS, GAAP and HGB accounting as well as knowledge of the EU taxonomy for non-financial reporting and sustainability reporting. We also take part in continuous training to keep up to date with ever-changing legislation and requirements.

We translate annual reports and other financial publications for many of our clients year after year, and have been working with some of our major clients for over a decade.

discover legal GmbH offers:

  • Many years of experience in translating financial publications
  • In-depth knowledge in a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Consistent terminology: We adopt the language style of your company and create a terminology database and style guide tailored to your needs.
  • You can focus on developing the content you would like to communicate – we make sure that the translation is accurate, well written and delivered on time!
  • We can clarify any questions with you quickly and easily because our project managers are always involved in the translation process.

The range of specialist translations we offer includes:

  • Fund prospectuses
  • Stock market information, analyst reports, investment reports
  • Quarterly reports, annual reports and business reports according to HGB, IFRS/IAS
  • Financial statements
  • Audit reports
  • Restructuring reports, risk analyses
  • Invitations to general meetings, remuneration reports, etc.

We are one of the few providers in Germany that issues certified translations of annual financial statements for official or regulatory purposes.

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