The six-hour rule a.k.a. why translators charge extra for rush jobs

So how do the six-hour rule and rush jobs go together?
It is natural that our clients are not really interested in our 6-hour rule – in fact they don't even know it exists. All that matters to them is that we finish the work on time and with absolutely no mistakes. So the only thing we can do is request an express surcharge for rush jobs because if we ignore the six-hour rule, mistakes are inevitable no matter how much coffee we drink and how hard we try to concentrate. So we need to involve a third person, someone well rested, for extra proofreading.
When we add an express surcharge it isn't because we are greedy and are taking advantage of a client's dire need, it is because we need to look after our employee's sanity and involve more translating power to get the job done right!