Getting value for your money – good collaboration between client and translation agency

Here are some things that you can do to help get your translations completed better, faster, and at a lower cost:

Provide us with clear instructions

Clear instructions regarding the scope of work, the purpose of the translation and the target reader will help us to ensure that the translation is tailored to your needs.

Be realistic about deadlines

Provide us with a reasonable deadline so we can deliver high-quality translations in the specified timeframe.

Provide reference materials

Reference materials, such as glossaries or style guides, help us to ensure consistency in terminology.

Plan ahead

Make sure there is enough time for the translation process to be completed, especially for larger or more complex projects. This helps to ensure that the translation is completed accurately and within the required timeframe.

Provide feedback

Help improve the quality of future projects by providing feedback on the translations we have delivered. This helps us to continuously improve our process and meet your needs.

Use terminology consistently

By using consistent terminology in your source documents, you simplify the translation process by avoiding confusion. The result is an accurate translation with consistent terminology and a faster turnaround!

Build a long-term relationship with us

The longer we work together, the better we understand your business, your needs and your requirements. Develop a long-term relationship with us will result in smoother and more efficient translations.

We are always incredibly grateful to clients who, by following these suggestions, help us to deliver high-quality translations in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Put us to the test!