discover legal: mastering precision in financial reporting

How do we do that?

1. Smooth project execution thanks to our partnership approach.

We collaborate closely with our clients to plan the schedule – and we fully accept that sometimes the plan has to be changed at short notice. Our project managers are closely involved in the entire translation and proofreading process, so there are no gaps in communication.

2. The power of collaboration.

We promote a collaborative relationship between our translation team and the client and its financial experts to address questions and ensure mutual understanding. We have a review process in place where the translator teams jointly review and refine the translated content thus providing an extra layer of quality assurance by our experienced and highly focused team.

3. Translators with a strong financial background.

Our teams are well versed in IFRS/IAS standards and generally accepted accounting principles. We make sure we are always up-to-date regarding the newest regulatory requirements and comprehend the intricate details of financial statements.

4. Terminology is key: glossaries, style guides and CAT tools.

We achieve high-quality results and consistent quality by adhering to your company terminology, creating and consistently updating style guides and glossaries for each client. We use translation technology wisely. By incorporating Computer-Assisted-Translation tools, we enhance efficiency, consistency and accuracy. However, while technology is a valuable aid, it cannot replace the human touch in understanding the context and linguistic nuances.

5. Compliance is non-negotiable.

ESG is not only a top-table topic, but is also in the focus of the public eye and a distinct selling proposition. We help communicate your company values and vision.

6. Our lips remain sealed.

We respect the trust you place in our translation service and discretion is engrained in our DNA.

To put it in a nutshell: Ensuring the correct translation of financial reports is not just a matter of linguistic proficiency, it requires a deep understanding of finance, industry-specific terminology, and effective communication. Discover legal has that deep understanding. Put us to the test!