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Legal translations are our passion! Requiring a high level of specialised know-how and skills, we thoroughly enjoy our detailed work. Precision, excellent service and thorough research are three primary elements in our work.

When translating, we concentrate on the very essence of a statement and not merely on the words in the text. We take great care in adhering to our extensive quality assurance process, immensely benefitting our customers.

Our translators always do their utmost to get involved in the thought process while keeping the overall picture in mind. For example, we may draw our customer's attention to incomprehensible passages, errors or inconsistencies in the source text.

It is unlikely that anyone will ever pay as much attention to the exact words in the text as the translator does when transferring the text into a different language. discover legal pays utmost attention to accuracy, thoroughness and diligence -  the three most important properties ensuring excellent quality.

The discover legal team has experience with all sorts of legal documents, from commercial registers and financial statements over Terms & Conditions and contracts to deeds, written pleadings, judgments as well as complex application procedures and regulatory frameworks.

Legal systems are based on language. In order to be able to translate legal texts, we must have knowledge about our own legal system as well as the legal system in the country where the source text originates from. Extensive research and delving deep into the text are just as important to the translation process as is absolute accuracy.

And we love it! In return we are rewarded with ever increasing knowledge and experience as we continuously extend both our language and our legal skills.

With our team, we cover a wider range of languages such as e.g. German, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. This list is not exhaustive so please contact us if you need translations in a language other than those listed above.

You can also receive all translations as certified translations.

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