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Your documents are in good hands at discover legal - not only concerning expertise but also concerning confidentiality.

Quality is the be all and end all for legal translations. No one can afford to risk missing a deadline simply because the translation was of poor quality and had to be redone. Errors in translation can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, loss of time and in the worst case - losing a case. Get it right the first time with discover legal.

Thanks to our extensive quality assurance measures we have gained a reputation for providing factual and faultless translation of legal documents to the highest possible standards.

Our company philosophy is based on the following criteria:

  • We only employ experienced, qualified legal translators
  • Your projects will only be entrusted to a translator with the respective qualifications and training
  • Any questions relating to comprehension and subject-matter will be clarified with you during the translation process
  • We work with the so-called "Four-eyes principle", i.e. every translation is proof-read by a second qualified translator
  • The same proof-reader is used throughout a project to guarantee consistency
  • Glossaries and terminology files are stored for each customer and project
  • We use Translation Memory systems for our "digital memory"

We are quite aware of the fundamental importance of confidentiality and the fact that the texts entrusted to us and the circumstances in which our customers are acting are highly confidential. In order to meet our customers' confidentiality requirements we have put the following security measures into action:

  • We enter into binding non-disclosure agreements with our customers and our translators
  • On request, our translators will sign additional confidentiality agreements directly
  • We attach great importance to IT security measures
  • On request, documents can be sent via our server instead of via email
  • We apply strict standards to data deletion and elimination

Complex projects require standard terminology in order to enable references and thus facilitate comprehension between multiple documents. This is of utmost importance for our work, therefore we compile glossaries, pay a great deal of attention to the choice of terms and ensure that all documents are finalised by the same proof-reader.

We ensure that a permanent team looks after your translations and interpreting projects, because consistency is of utmost importance. This team is tailored to your needs and selected according to experience and specialised area.

Please be aware that the quality of the translation also depends on your input. The more information you make available to us (e.g. reference texts, target group and purpose of the translation, briefing on the circumstances etc.), the more we can be involved in the process and keep the big picture in mind whilst translating.

Without the background knowledge from detailed briefing, it is very difficult for translators to find exact equivalent translations. We need this background information to ensure that we have understood the purpose and meaning of your documents. This will result in a translation that is true to context.

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