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Qualified translators in the specialist areas of legal and/or financial translations are considered to be the crème de la crème. As with life in general, quality has its price.

However, lean internal management and low fix costs enable discover legal to provide its customers with professional legal translations in the medium price bracket.

Invest in discover legal and you have invested well. In extreme cases, an incorrect translation could be the cause of a legal case falling through; an incorrect translation could lead to confusion and incomprehension or even provoke a dispute. Having to correct previous mistakes takes time and could endanger deadlines, which underlines how important it is for the translation to be done correctly the first time around.

This requires a translator who is able to get involved in the thought process and who does not lose sight of the big picture. discover legal offers all this and more! We also offer some additional services totally free of charge:

Included in the price – because we want to offer you that little bit extra:

  • Observant translation
  • In-depth text analysis
  • Involvement from A - Z
  • Notes to errors/ambiguities in the original text
  • Close collaboration

Because, hardly anyone will pay as much attention to detail reading the text as the translator whilst transferring the text to another language.

Our offers are based on the text. Prices are based on standard lines, but in some exceptional cases we charge by the hour. Additional costs could occur for PDF files and other documents which cannot be edited. Express delivery and weekend surcharges may apply.

We would be happy to make you an offer at short notice. Just send us the text that needs translating together with the following information: deadline | language(s) | any background information available concerning the context.

You can of course call us on the telephone – informative personal contact is always the best basis for a constructive and trusting collaboration.

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