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An apostille is a simplified form of certifying international authenticated documents and is valid in countries which are party to the Apostille Convention.

Authentication is a process of authenticating or certifying a legal document by the Foreign Office or consular representation of the foreign country where the document is to be used.

CAT stands for computer aided translation. CAT Tools separate the text into individual segments. The translation and the source text of each segment together make up a translation unit (TU). These are stored in a database (TM translation memory) and available for future translations.

When appointed and sworn translators complete a certified translation they confirm that the translation is complete and correct and that any uncertainties in the translation have been indicated accordingly. The translation thus becomes a certification.

May also be refered to as Whispering technique. The interpreter whispers the interpretation in a person's ear, or, it may be necessary to use a so-called whispering unit if several people need to be interpreted for.

Means one after another. Firstly, a speaker will talk in his language and the interpreter will then repeat what has been said in another language. One example of using this method is at dinner speeches. Please remember that the speaker needs twice as long!

Attention needs to be paid to terminology in order for texts to be consistent, i.e. ensuring the same term is used for a certain subject or article in the target text. On the other hand, consistency also refers to entire sentences or phrases that should be translated in the same way in order to improve readability.

The German DIN 2345 for "translation contracts" was replaced in 2006 by DIN EN 15038 for "translation services" which is valid in 29 countries.

A sound-proof cabin for interpreters that removes any background noise except the words being spoken by the speaker.

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