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discover legal is a language service company with a proven track record in providing services to the legal industry.

Requiring a high level of specialised know-how and skills, legal translations are our passion.

We benefit from legal knowledge in both our native language and the foreign language we work with, providing top quality translations.



We trans­late all kinds of le­gal docu­ments, from com­pany re­cords and finan­cial state­ments over Terms & Con­d­itions and con­tracts to expert reports, written plea­dings, judg­ments as well as com­plex app­li­ca­tion pro­ce­dures and regu­latory frame­works.  

Sworn translations

Sworn translations

Public authori­ties or judi­cial mat­ters often require a trans­lation to be certi­fied or sworn to. This may, for ex­ample, refer to com­pany re­cords, finan­cial state­ments or other cor­porate docu­ments that are nee­ded for com­pany foun­dations or M&A trans­actions abroad.  


Benefit from our quality assurance: our top priority is to provide our customers with in-depth bilingual expertise and a trustworthy, reliable service. We are happy to support your projects, and look forward to carrying out legal document translations or certified translations for you.

We love language and we certainly enjoy working through tricky texts. Let us support you with our attention to detail!

Prompt. Capable. Distinct.

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